Canon EOS 5D Mark II Shutter Count Lifespan Check

You’ve heard about shutter count before, but what is the average for Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II? If you’re looking to buy a pre-owned 5D Mark II, you’ll want to know how many shots it’s taken and just how much wear and tear it has seen.

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What Is Shutter Count?

When it comes to cameras, shutter count (aka actuation count) tells you how many times the shutter has been used or released. It’s like the odometer on your car; only in this case, we’re talking about camera clicks instead of miles. Your shutter count can be found in the settings of your camera—you just gotta do some digging!

Average Shutter Count of Canon EOS 5D Mark II

So what is the average click rate on the 5D Mark II? A few years ago, when these cameras were still being manufactured by Canon, experts estimated that you should expect around 150 000 clicks from a well-cared-for model.

But nowadays, due to secondhand markets, models with higher counts can be easier to find than ever before as people sell their old kit. If a 5D MKII was used mostly for stock photography then its likely had more like 500 000 shots taken—but if it’s from an amateur photographer who just shot it a few times a year then its probably around 150k again.

How To Find Your Camera’s Shutter Count

If you want to get technical and check out your own camera’s stats then there are plenty of websites which will give you an estimate—some even have apps available which make this process simple enough that even non techies could get involved!

The free options will give you an approximate number while paid services will offer up exact actuation counts in return for a small fee.

Conclusion: Should You Avoid High Count Cameras?

While modern digital SLRs are built tough enough to handle hundreds of thousands if not millions of clicks without any issues, don’t discount high shutter count cameras altogether.

Sure they may need more maintenance than one with fewer shots but as long as its been properly cared for then there should still be plenty of life left in them yet! Just make sure to read reviews and conduct your own research before hitting the “buy” button.”


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