Free Online Camera Shutter Count

Before investing your money for a second-hand camera we recommend you to check the shutter actuations count. The higher, the more has been used and less life expectancy will remain.

Use our online tool to get the shutter actuations of your camera. It’s easy, upload a RAW/JPEG photo and get your shutter count.

Here are the brands that you can check with our tool:

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Top 15 most searched cameras

Canon 5d mark ii, canon 5d mark iv, canon 7d, sony a6000, canon 5d mark iii, nikon d750, sony a7iii, canon 80d, canon 70d, canon 6d, nikon d850, nikon d3500, sony a6400, canon 60d, nikon d3200.

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Why Is Shutter Count Important?

As an amateur photographer, a common question is for how many actuations the camera shutter count can reach. While it depends on the camera model and usage conditions, generally speaking a DSLR or mirrorless camera with typically up to 100K clicks before its failure rate rises exponentially.

It is important to be aware of your camera’s shutter count as it provides valuable information regarding the overall health and expected lifespan of the device. That said, knowing when to replace a shutter may vary depending on individual needs – if you take pictures in extreme conditions or frequently use burst mode, it may decrease lifespan of your equipment faster than predicted.

In order to check out what has been accumulated by your device until date, in other words: how much does this ‘click/actuation’ counting number keeps growing, you must first locate where exactly this value is being stored in each model; usually somewhere under ‘Settings’ section.

Usually manufacturers provide detailed info about these locations so nothing should be too hard to find once familiarized with user-manuals or manufacturer websites.

Additionally some apps (like EOSInfo) offer alternative ways to quickly read out most accurate data concerning current status of your gadget – though not all models are supported yet due their difference in internal layout and programming complexity levels.

The reliability estimations based on such output can help photographers plan ahead for any potential repair costs that could come up during extended shoots or excursions were rugged terrain could potentially damage hardware components easily; thus allowing them greater preparedness in terms of financial resources beforehand if needed at all!

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What is a good camera shutter count?

The shutter count of a digital camera is a quantification of how much it has been used. It usually refers to the total number of times the shutter, or aperture mechanism inside an interchangeable lens camera body, has opened and closed when taking photos. A good shutter count can be indicative of photogenic performance as well as durability.

Is 7000 shutter count high?

Generally speaking, 7000 shutter counts are considered reasonable and don’t necessarily hamper performance – unless the model is particularly antiquated and hasn’t undergone routine maintenance regularly. More info about high shutter count.

How many shutter counts is a lot?

When it comes to cameras, shutter count is an important factor to consider. Shutter count is the total number of times a camera’s shutter has been released. Different models and types of cameras have different recommended maximum shutter counts; however, generally speaking most digital SLRs should last between 50K-200K actuations before any noticeable degradation in image quality occurs.