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Find how to check the shutter count on your Leica M10 so you can better estimate the lifespan of your DSLR camera.

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The beloved Leica M10 has been on the market for a while now, but how much longer can it last? Estimates range anywhere between 50,000 and 200,000 shutter clicks; however, this depends on user handling and maintenance.

Signs that indicate the M10 is nearing its end of life include photographs appearing less sharp or clear, as well as noise in shots taken with low shutter speeds. Additionally, making use of telephoto lenses and frequently using flashes may reduce its longevity.

With regular care and maintenance, one may be able to extend the life of their camera; still, no one will ever truly know for sure how long it will last.

Should I get the Leica M10?

The Leica M10-R puts a brand-new, 40MP image sensor into an absolutely classic body design, resulting in a compelling camera for rangefinder devotees.

The Leica M10 has a resolution of 24 megapixels and a 3” screen. This Leica was revealed to the public in 2017. It’s a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses that are equipped with a Full frame sensor.



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